Spa [GB]


Deeply rooted, mighty trees give the impression of mystical strength. A tree represents the world axis – its roots pierce the ground and reach the waters below, its trunk is a pillar of our world, and the sky rests on its wide branches.

The SEA is a wonderful ‘garden’ that keeps the natural balance. Here we can all find our stories. It is a perfect environment for many organisms, a source of huge amounts of substances with beneficial effects for health and beauty. The sea gives us everything our body needs: minerals, trace elements, vitamins, proteins. It is a foundation of thalassotherapy, which uses therapeutic and healing properties of sea water, algae, seaside air and climate.

You will not find such a place of tranquility, beauty and relaxation anywhere else. Unique, inspired by richness of the surrounding marine nature and energy of trees, it offers You professional and holistic wellness treatments. Innovative treatments using effective products full of natural energy not only help You unwind, but also promote regeneration of Your natural vitality, as well as improve your health, appearance and wellbeing.

IN THE BEECH GROVE: A beech is a tree with very positive energy. It helps to wind down. It allows you to calm down and chill out. It improves concentration and stimulates circulation. Drawing on the magical power of trees, we have developed our own treatments based on beech extracts and sea minerals that will let You embark on a mystical journey to the land of beauty.